Drum Lessons For Growth and Success!

Lehigh Valley Drum Center Offers A Personal
Mentoring Approach to Drum Lessons

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Lehigh Valley Drum Lessons offers one on one drum lessons that reach beyond learning how to
hold the sticks and reading notes. As our student, you WILL gain the inspiration
behind the instrument, enabling you to think and grow musically.

Our program custom tailors the drum lessons around the individual students needs focusing on these key elements. Hand/eye/brain coordination with general note reading, groove theory and construction, chop building with certain rudiments that enable you to move around the kit, and the inspiration of the great drummers that have gone before us, questioning the Why?, What?, and How?. Finally, the ability to think creatively on your own to come up with your own sense of groove and style. It is in this thinking and mindset, that we become artists.

Why Study With Us?

  • We feel drum lessons should provide a personal approach
    to each students needs. While always focusing on mentoring where
    you are now, and where you want to go.
  • Gain a level of thinking and passion that promotes
    learning how to find your own sense of groove.
  • Improve form and technique while developing site
    reading skills, and the ability to play different styles.
  • Gain musical awareness of yourself, by recorded lessons
    that give the student real-time feedback, and an incentive
    for improvement.
  • Private lessons offer a perfect solution for an extra curricular
    learning activity that is perfect as an addition to public or home
    schooled curriculums.

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